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What To Expect

When you contact us for an appointment at your home (at a time of your convenience) expect to be greeted with a handshake by someone who is friendly, clean, knowledgeable, and professional. No, not a slick polished salesperson, but by the owner of the company! Jeff DeVries loves to meet with people, listen to their ideas and needs, and share ideas and suggestions of his own from over 15 years of construction experience. We truly strive to make your dreams a reality. When you hire us for the project expect that we will take your ideas from paper and build them on a concrete foundation. You can also expect that the project will be completed at or below budget. Expect that we will respect your living space, and your neighbor's property with a clean and safe work site. Expect that we will build you a safe, energy efficient, environmentally responsible project in a reasonable amount of time. We have found over the years that by clear, open communication the building process doesn't have to be the "nightmare" experience that many people expect. After the project is completed expect us to stand behind the work you received and the products that were installed. Meticulously managing quality throughout the construction project has virtually eliminated call backs for us. However, your project was built by humans and, admittedly, they're not always perfect. If there is a problem, call us. Someone will be there a.s.a.p. to fix it.

Our Contractors & Suppliers

Over the years we have developed close business relationships with many trade contractors and suppliers. We use these folks, not only because they are nice people, but also because they have repeatedly shown us that they are the best in their field! You can rest assured that they are fully licensed and insured. They continue to impress us with their knowledge of the products they sell and install. They are also top-notch when it comes to quality, timeliness, cleanliness, price and a willingness to work with owners to achieve their vision and meet their needs. (We don't publish a list of these contractors and suppliers for the obvious reason that we don't want our competition to start using them and have as much success as we have had with them.)

Please review the frequently asked questions below and call us if you you'd like to talk more.

Q. Do you do everything or do you hire some things out?
A. Usually the reason this question is asked is because potential clients are afraid that we will do the carpentry and then never take a second look at the job; thus leaving subcontractors to cut corners or make their own interpretations on quality and function. At Generation Builders that couldn't be further from the truth. You've probably heard the phrase "jack of all trades, master of none." We hire masters of their trade who specialize in top quality work for a fair price. These trade contractors are licensed professionals who have been in business for many years. They are also people who came highly recommended to us and people we have had close business relationships with for many years. We are on site daily to check on the progress and quality that you receive, as well as to answer any questions that our trade contractors may have. Just like Generation Builders, their reputation stands behind the work that they provide.

Q. Do you have your own exclusive subcontractors or can I use someone I know?
A. We've had both good and bad luck with this in the past. Typically, we allow a client to use his own contractor if that person is in business and carries liability and work comp. insurance for the work they'll be performing. We also must be sure that the work can be completed to our quality standards and in a timely manor. For example, if your cousin, dad, uncle, grandmother, etc. is a plumbing contractor then, yes, we would be happy to schedule them to do the plumbing on your job. However, if they work for a plumber and wants to do your house as a "side job" on evenings and Saturdays then that tends to be a problem. In some cases side jobs are okay as long as it is something that won't hold up the rest of the project. We take these acquaintances on a case by case basis.

Q. Can I do the painting or ceramic tile or laminate floor myself to save money?
A. While ultimately it is your house and your decision, we'd like to steer you away from painting or other finish work unless you have done that type of work professionally. Keep in mind that you have spent thousands of dollars on professional quality framing, drywall, etc. Wouldn't you also want to cover that with a similar professional quality paint job? Also, keep in mind that Generation Builders' reputation depends on what your friends, relatives and neighbors see when they enter your house. Even if you tell them you did the paint job yourself it still reflects poorly on us. Painting is like driving, 90% of us think we're good at it but only 10% really are. There are some things that home owners can do to save money but we try to save the finish work for the professionals.

Our Customers

Want to know what our customers think of our work? Please visit our testimonials page to read what they've written.